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Technological progress in the field of electronics

An integrated circuit (IC, integrated microcircuit, microcircuit) is a functionally complete microelectronic product, which is a set of electrically interconnected elements formed in a semiconductor monocrystalline wafer. ICs are the element base of all modern radio-electronic devices, computer technology devices, information and telecommunication systems.

Today, the level of technology development in the production of integrated circuits is at a very high level. Increasing the degree of integration, improving the parameters of integrated circuits is hampered not by technological limitations, but by processes occurring at the molecular level in materials used for production (usually semiconductors). Therefore, research by manufacturers and developers of microchips is carried out in the direction of finding new materials that could replace semiconductors.

The production of electronic components is now approaching the best foreign counterparts, the number of the latest developments has increased. With all the novelty and depth of development achieved, our production is still small-scale, which does not compete with large foreign companies. Despite all the achievements in the field of electronics, there are many unsolved problems, the production of electronic components needs to solve these problems, contributing to the future growth and development of electronics production.

In the structure of the Russian electronics market, a large share belongs to the domestic market; import and export of electronics is also of great importance. The imported products include BT and IT, consumer electronics, as well as terminal and communication equipment. The production of electronic components as part of electronic production within the country belongs to the defense industry, security systems, communication and switching equipment, and automotive electronics. Electronics are exported mainly as part of weapons.

Within our country, the production of electronics is of high priority. This is due to the fact that our electronics are used in industries vital to the economy, in the military industry, security systems that control access to information, as well as in the extraction of gas and oil. One of the important factors that determine the high interest in the design and development of electronic components in our country was the fact that foreign companies have developed an interest in transferring the contract production of electronic components and other components to the territory of our country, causing this interest in a cheap, highly qualified worker. by force.

The modern Russian electronics market is divided into three segments. The first includes electronics, the area of ​​which is inaccessible or inaccessible at all to foreign manufacturers. This is, first of all, military electronics, electronics for security and safety systems, for information protection. This also includes products that are manufactured according to special state standards used and valid only in the country. These may be standards related to unusual climatic conditions or others. It should be noted that this closed market segment in Russia is growing due to the increase in military orders. The products are subject to high requirements for reliability and quality. But in the absence of competition, the development of production, as determined by market relations, may not have results, and in the absence of state protectionism, companies of this kind may disappear from the market altogether. Therefore, it is very important, under certain conditions of development, to assess the situation in time and restructure the methods of economic management.

The second segment of the electronic products market is the mass production of electronic components and electronics abroad. The dominants in this market segment are transnational corporations, with which it is very difficult for our manufacturer to compete. Companies that cope with this task domestically, in the domestic market, over time can successfully advance to the foreign market and compete with world-famous manufacturers.

The third segment can be called the field of innovation, that is, the creation of a fundamentally new electronics that differs in quality and basic characteristics from mass production. An important task in this area is forecasting, predicting future demand or artificially creating it, provoking it. Developers and creators of innovative products must have special qualities, such as thinking outside the box, the ability to work with creative groups, optimism and belief in success, as well as prompt decision-making and subsequent actions. This is what our Russian specialists lack so far. So far, there are not enough production resources, but there is a desire and readiness of many companies to take decisive actions so that the production of electronic components, electronics and all components develops not only within the country, but also enters the world market as a worthy alternative to foreign manufacturers.

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